June 2016.


Artist multimedia, a ‘collector’ and an immigrant. Also to feel that I’m the other not the resident. Since I was born in NYC, raised in Dominican Republic, lived in Argentina (during my time there, I spent times in communities all the andes mountain range) then back to NYC for a while and now here in Berlin.


The reason I called myself a collector has an immigrant comes the curiosity of knowing cultures from the perspective of the unwanted objects, the left behind or there way of selling them self. Also provides access to the personal moments of others. I mostly collect what I found on the streets, taking photos, recording videos, collecting objects or trash. Lately I’ve been collecting footage from internet which this way of collecting is bringing me to more specific subject maybe more about phenomenon or issues for example: Young girls with bubble gum fetish a kind of a “peep show” or the case of Rana Plaza each of both I did a project.Based on this I take them and make my own interpretation and expression through sculpture, photography and video.


I’m often interested in what makes contrast between cultures in a social way for example:


In NYC I found many of broken basket balls on the road, broken ATM’s with graffitis or just abandoned, big TV’s boxes, Pizza boxes, collages on the subway from the posters. NYC is one of the most wasteful megacity.


In Berlin a lot of bottles of beers (no wonder), Mirrors left behind, rare storefront windows displays and construction materials. Berlin is been under construction for years.


In Dominican Republic - Beach trash - where I found many hair product packaging (in the Dominican Republic there’s an issue of discrimination based on the hair texture, fruit stands on the streets, electricity cables above the streets, etc.